80 nm Sailed Autonomously - Too Much for Mast

First, the good news: In September, Avalon managed to sail about 80nm without human interaction. The bad news: The mediterranean wind broke Avalon's mast.

Software Stability - Brought to You by Google Zurich

We are very happy to announce a new cooperation with Google Zürich. Google employees have the opportunity to spend 20 percent of their time working on projects that are not part of their job description.

Avalon Back on the Water

It has been a long time since the last news story. Obviously, aiming for 2010 did not work out. Nevertheless, work on Avalon never stopped. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on our chase boat amidst the Lake of Zurich

Aiming for 2010

After about three weeks of hard work, Avalon is now fully assembled again. With its completely redone and fully waterproof interior, new sail transmission gear, and a slip ring contact that enables the mast to spin infinitely, Avalon has gained great capabilities.

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